Why the scheme?

In 2002 and 2006, NDDTC conducted an evaluation of the existing De-addiction centres (under the DDAP scheme) through onsite visits and postal surveys. It came into light that almost one-third of the DTCs were not functional at all, one-third functioned partially and only remaining one-third functioned adequately. The infrastructure originally envisaged for DTC was used by some other facilities, and majority did not have dedicated staff to offer services for patients. The centres did not have adequate funding and there was either irregular supply of medicines or no long-term medicines. The record-keeping was inadequate and there was no provision for awareness activities. The report clearly indicated an urgent need to take action for strengthening the DDAP. Thus, as part of action-plan for strengthening the services for de-addiction, DDAP, MoH&FW initiated the scheme titled, “Strengthen the Drug De-addiction Programme: Establishment of DTCs” whose motto was to “bring the de-addiction services closer to home and to make them more accessible.”

What is the DTC scheme?

The scheme involves taking steps to enhance the functioning of de-addiction centres across the country through setting up of new drug treatment clinics or enhancing the functioning of existing de-addiction centres. Within the scheme, it has been envisaged that these DTCs will be associated with a general hospital or civil/district hospitals, will have exclusive contractual staff (doctor, nurse, counselor), and will have provisions of medicines required for the treatment – all supported financially under this scheme. These DTCs provide management of substance use disorders at an out-patient level. Some of the DTC services that are delivered are- Methadone Maintenance Treatment (MMT), Buprenorphine maintenance treatment (BMT), detoxification from all drugs of use, long-term pharmacological management, smoking cessation, individual counseling, group therapy, referral to inpatient care if required, referral to other medical specialities and rehabilitation services.

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